Witness Tracing



EAN are instructed on a regular basis to trace the whereabouts of an individual who witnessed an incident and has now gone astray. When we are instructed to trace a witness, we are normally asked to take a ‘witness statement’ from the witness after.



We have a dedicated research team who have the abilities and knowledge to scan through large open source databases, social networking profiles and many more sources.



When we undertake tracing instructions our team works strictly within the data protection laws, we will not break any laws.



Vehicle Accidents



If you are looking to trace an individual who witnessed a car accident on behalf of your insurance clients, please act quickly! The longer you leave making contact, the more likely they will not want to cooperate.



Instruct our specialist Witness Tracing Team today by calling: 0845 230 3012


For further information please visit: Private Investigators London fur further information regarding our Witness Tracing services.

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