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There is a philosophy created in recent times, which is Risk Aversion. In reality this is nothing more than adopting a sensible common sense approach to everything we do.



Information is vital, particularly credit and assist before any legal action is taken. When you take legal proceedings against a debtor, you need to be sure that the debtor has the money to take legal action against; if not then it could be a waist off time.



We offer a pre-sue report that is very useful for identifying the financial status of an individual or business. The information that is gathered will enable you to make a decision on whether the case is worthwhile to progress with legal action or not.



Unfortunately there are no magic buttons to press to get the answers and sometimes the findings may indicate that the defendant has no assets or means to settle the debt and cost. If this is the case it should be regarded in a positive manner as you will not be "throwing good money after bad"!



There are many obstacles in the way of the investigator, non-more so than the UK Law and in Particular - The Data Protection Act 1988(DPA).



So what can the Professional Investigator or Enquiry Agent find out?



Some information to start with, will be:





This will give the investigator a good starting place to try and work out from, which may provide further information and intelligence which may become key to establishing the information sought by the client.



Instruct a Professional Private Investigator



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