Statement Taking

EAN has a wealth of experience within our statement taking team; we are able to take statements from witnesses across the United Kingdom. By using retired police offices, and highly trained individuals, we are ensuring we gain a quality statement, which has been taken in a professional manor.

Our statements are never rushed; at first we put the witness at ease and then go through the actual event, querying any specifics as may be required, and ensuring that any points which are of significant evidential value are properly covered.

Our dedicated statement taking team are frequently instructed to take statements in connection with road traffic accidents, statements for the defence relating to a whole raft of criminal charges (such as drugs, rape and assault cases).

We also can take statements in connection with: Healthy and Safety Issues, Industrial Accidents, Personal Injury Claims and Clinical Negligence Cases.

Our Statement Takers are trained on a regular basis

Due to the demands and competition in the industry, we understand the standard that our agents set needs to be of the highest quality and we can promote our quality be offering training cases on a regular basis.

Our training is all done in house, which is taken by our Head of Witness Cases, we do not invite individuals who are not part of the Dukeries Group to our training sessions, to protect our assets.

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