Employment Tribunals

EAN work for both the employee and employer within employment tribunal cases, when we are instructed we will not take further instructions that will class as a conflict of interested for example the other party in the case.


If you believe you have been treated in an unfair manor you can take your employer to an employment tribunal. This tribunal is independent, and the employer could end up having to pay you compensation if you are successful and win the case.

Have you been affected by any of the following:

We will be able to help you to try and establish that the employees that an unfair decisions has been made, we will also note any serious breaches of health and safety regulations in the workplace, if any injuries has been substained.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly please contact our Employment Tribunal team on: 0845 230 3012.


We also act for employers when they are being faced with a tribunal, employers often think their employees will be exaggerating their claim to gain the best possible outcome for them.

EAN Investigators will be able to investigate the suspect employee to monitor his movements and gain the evidence that the employer needs, to fight his case at the tribunal or to settle the claim before the case goes to a tribunal.

Please feel free to contact us on: 0845 230 3012 to discuss how we can help you fight your employees in an Employment Tribunal.

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