Employee Surveillance

EAN provide a professional, quality and cost effective solution regarding employee disputes. Our fully trained surveillance operatives are drawn from both police and military backgrounds and we are able to put out several teams across the United Kingdom.

If you are unsure about your employee activates, EAN will be able to help you gain the evidence you need to take the situation further. Using the latest technology we able to use covert CCTV to monitor and record events in the most remote locations over long periods of times.

Undercover Operatives

We have specialist operatives who are able to work undercover in the work place and conduct covert employee surveillance with covert hidden cameras. Our operatives are highly trained and are able to blend in and gain intelligence within clicks and employees.

Employee Absenteeism Investigations

From time to time your employees will be of work sick, this is expected and no harm is done to your business.

But absenteeism can put your business in a tricky situation and leave you in the dark, particular if you have not got any policies within contracts dealing with the situation.

Sometimes you need to know why your employees are off work, and if what they are saying is actually the truth.

If you are facing the above issues please contact us on: 0845 230 3012 to talk to an expert employee investigator.

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