Defendant Personal Injury Surveillance

EAN are part of the Dukeries Group who have been assisting Loss Adjuster’s, Insurance Companies and Law Firms for over 35 years. EAN provides an excellent solution, which enables our clients to work with an established Insurance Surveillance firm, whilst saving resources.

Surveillance has been the core of our business since the business was established in 1972. Our Investigators are known for providing outstanding results whilst ensuring that their activities are strictly within the legislations, protecting our clients reputation at all times.

Our experience in dealing with injury claims is such that we are able to carry out relevant investigations, identify the circumstance under which injuries were sustained and obtain corroborating evidence.

Defendant Personal Injury Solicitors and Insurance Companies

We work for a number of defendant personal injury solicitors on behalf of their insurance clients, we would be happy to submit our tender documents for any openings you may have within the Insurance industry.

Please email: or phone 0845 230 3012 and speak to a fraud handler today.

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