Company Health Check

Has your company started to decrease in productivity and lose clients, EAN will be able to come into your business and assess the situation. Our experienced Investigators are normally called in when an employer notices one of the symptoms; an increase in staff turnover, loss of productivity or general unrest within the business and existing staff.

You will meet with one of our corporate investigators for a confidential consultation; here you can put all your concerns to our investigator. Once you have had an initial decision our agent will make an objective assessment of the situation and offer appropriate advice along with a plan of action.

We often find the best method is too introduced into the workplace under a suitable pretext. The investigator will observe and monitor staff, systems, controls and management.

Whilst our investigators are undercover they will be able to gain covert video footage, of the workplace when management is not around. This will help you to identify offenders as well as gathering evidence and preparing tribunal documentation. The most common issues regarding an unsettled workplace are:

We also offer services such as; Surveillance, Covert Vehicle Tracking, Status / Financial Reports and Mystery Shopping to help Employers get to the bottom of their issues.

Please feel free to contact us on: 0845 230 3012 to discuss your requirements today.

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