Asset Tracing

There are many reasons why an individual may wish to keep their assets hidden, but there are an equal number of reasons why an individual or company may wish to know the extent of those assets.

The team at EAN can help you find the assets covered up by an individual, we have to inform you that they are no magic buttons to press when searching for assets, and we cannot and won’t use any illegal methods. Dukeries have achieved the BS102000 Investigative Services Accreditation and we take this very seriously, we are audited on a yearly basis to check for these legal activities.

Our asset tracing team are experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and in some cases freeze stolen assets. We do not offer asset recovery but we can suggest a number of companies that we work alongside with on numerous asset tracing cases.

Why use an Asset Tracing Specialist

Before incurring any legal fees, hiring an enquiry agent to trace for assets have a real benefit. Each trace is tailor made to the client’s requirements, and our pre-litigation reports will enable you to make decisions based on what the report suggests. Within our reports we will summarise the individual or companies overall financial position and enable you to assess the prospects for a successful court action if required.

All our tracing services will be conducted and work alongside the relevant United Kingdom legislations.

What information do we need?

When instructing EAN to conduct an asset report we will require some of the following information.

(marked with * is the information we definitely need to work alongside our fixed fee)

The more information that you provide when instructing our dedicated tracing team, will give them more of a chance of finding any hidden assets, our team will keep you updated throughout and will contact you if they need to verify any information. We do request that you provide all the information that you have on the subject, so we make sure we do not waste resources on searches you have already done.

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