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Enquiry Agent Network is part of the Dukeries Detective Agency Ltd chain, following the recent changes and requirements within the Private Investigation Industry, EAN was rebranded in October 2014 to offer nationwide professional services at BS102000 Standards.

Enquiry Agent Network is a 'network' of local agents in your area that are employed by Dukeries Detective Agency Ltd. We're dedicated to provide the highest quality standards and expertise for our customers throughout the United Kingdom.

When instructing Enquiry Agent Network (Dukeries Detective Agency) you will deal directly with our head office, to which you will be then assigned a local agent in the area you require our services.

We are changing the way people see Private Investigators.

How we're changing the way people see Private Investigators.

Whether you require some documents serving, tracing an individual, a statement taking, Locus / Sketch Plans, status reports or surveillance, we have specialist Investigators on hand to help.

We offer a nationwide service, which means we have specialist Investigators throughout the United Kingdom, which means we certainly have an Investigator who has the exact specialist skill that can help you. This mean when you approach Enquiry Agent Network, we can offer you with a written quote and assign you to your dedicated agent who will be able to work quickly on your case and ensure a successful straightforward experience, for free. Here at EAN we do not charge for the advice and quotes we give out.

We also prefer to be called Enquiry Agents instead of Private Investigators, as we feel it sounds more professional and takes away the bad odours from the word Private Investigator.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Free no obligation quote

When contacting Enquiry Agent Network you do not need to worry about being charged for talking to a professional agent, we offer a free no obligation quote and advice to all clients. (Please note we are not solicitors and cannot give legal advice).

This means we'll listen to what you need and offer our quality advice and what we recommend. We will however listen to what you want us to do and instruct our local agent straight away.

BS102000 Accreditation

Dukeries Detective Agency are proud to be one of the few Professional Investigation companies who have been accredited the BS102000. Instructing Dukeries will give you the confidence that the business management system requirements provided by us are complementary to specified technical, mandatory and legal requirements for the services provided.

The Association of British Insurers has recently issued "Guidelines on the instruction and use of Private Investigators". Having worked our way through this document, we are confident that we comply with these guidelines which will give you confidence when instructing us. This means you will have the confidence of knowing that you are complying with these guidelines.

In order to achieve the BS 102000 Standard, we have had to demonstrate to the Auditors that Dukeries Detective Agency has a clear business structure and that the Directors understand and have Clear Policies in Place to manage the business.

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